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Are you struggling to stick to your diet?

The reason most people find it hard to stick to a diet is because of what the diet will mean to them, their life and their family life. The word “diet” often brings feelings of deprivation and having to cut out a lot of the foods that they may enjoy. We all know the foods that are not good for us, they are not healthy and we should not be eating them too often, but the problem is when we cut them out of our diet we crave them so badly that we often binge on them.

I myself have experienced this, cutting out lots of foods for a few weeks then having a huge blow out because I have told myself tomorrow I will be back on that diet and I won’t be allowed them so I have to eat them all and then start over. The problem with this way of dieting is you can be starting over every few weeks, and yo-yo dieting only causes you to often end up larger than when you first started.

Most people will fail at the weekend because their new diet regime is so strict they can not work in social events and family meals out. They start their diet on a Monday and undo all their hard work Friday to Sunday and so the cycle repeats. I am sure we all know someone who is always on a diet and has never changed their body shape, if this is you please get in touch I would love to help you break the cycle.

Along with the strict diet, people often add in workouts 7 days a week because they want “fast” results, but they can not sustain this and then feel like a failure and often give up before they even get close to seeing any results.

What if I told you there is a way to lose body fat, sculpt a tight, toned body and still have a meal out with the family, a bacon sandwich or a roast dinner?

Would you love to be in control of your own choices and pick foods you love to eat rather than feel like you have to eat ?

Want to lose fat and not feel restricted?

There is a better way – a more sustainable way – it’s called Flexible Dieting.

Think of calories and macronutrients like money. Business-minded people don’t get rich by spending money without thinking of the consequences. They spend their cash wisely!! It’s exactly the same with nutrition.

Flexible Dieting – (Tracking your Macronutrients) can give you this freedom. You follow this approach by hitting your calorie allowance and macronutrients (Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates, and Fibre). By hitting these goals you can make changes to your body composition whilst still eating the foods you love in moderation.

Providing these goals are hit by eating 80% of your calorie/macro goals with healthy nutritious foods it allows 20% for a little bit of what you fancy, note the word little and how this differs from some diets – it teaches you moderation, the macronutrient values of foods and lets you make your own choices.

What does this mean for you ? You are highly unlikely to starve/binge because you can have those foods you enjoy, which means you probably won’t even crave them. I can now keep foods such as Chocolate, Popcorn and Ice Cream in my kitchen for months and just measure out a portion without feeling the need to eat the whole container.

You can do this too, many of my clients will tell you that they have kicked their starve/binge behaviour since starting to track their macros and most would not go back to any other way of dieting. Plus they have not rebounded and gained the weight back.


Don’t worry! If this all sounds confusing, I can help you. My Online Coaching can help you reach your goals.

I’ll take all the work out of it and give you your spending allowance.

I will tell you how many calories, how much protein, fats, carbohydrate and fibre you need on a daily basis and then you can spend them on the foods you enjoy.

You will learn how to make healthier choices yourself, and with moderation you won’t feel the need to have a binge or blow out.

Need Support?

When you join an online coaching programme, I will be there to support you.

I will take care of your training and your nutrition, and I will keep you accountable through weekly check-ins.

Need A Workout Plan?

No problem, I’ll design a custom workout for you.

If you have access to a gym, fantastic. If not, I can design a workout for you to do at home with some small, inexpensive pieces of equipment.

Not Enough Time To Workout?

No problem!

Did you know a 30 minute High Intensity Interval session can leave you burning fat for up to 24 hours after the session finishes?

Amazing, right?

Before starting the 12-week programme I was concerned that my level of fitness wasn’t great and that I wouldn’t be able to participate and keep up with the training sessions. However from the moment I met Louise she put my mind at ease she always praised my efforts and made me realise I was able to do more than I thought I could.

One of my main goals was to feel more confident about how I looked to lose weight and drop a dress size all of this has been achieved within the 12 weeks and what’s even better is all my friends and family have commented what a difference it has made to the way I look.

Since starting the programme I have also had the confidence to start running and have entered the Great South run with my husband in October this will be a huge challenge but without the help of the hit/circuit training and weights I wouldn’t have even thought it would be possible at the beginning of the year id be doing something like this. The thing I’ve loved about Louise’s PT Sessions is that every session is different I’ve never been bored and found everyone a strangely an enjoyable challenge.

For me having Louise come to my house and fit in around my busy schedule has been invaluable, she has always been flexible and worked around any prearranged plans, been on hand for advice any time of day. I can not recommend Louise enough her devotion and dedication to me as a client has been outstanding and has helped me achieve what I set out to because of her work, I have also decided to keep training with Louise and I look forward to the fun times ahead.

In the 12 weeks I lost 15.5 lbs and 20.5 Inches, I also lost 2 dress sizes. Natalie

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